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every mario

i'm gigi, and this is where i reblog things! this tumblr is extremely unprofessional and occasionally (but rarely) nsfw.
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Oct 20 '14

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Oct 20 '14


Bowser tries to keep up his reputation as a menacing villain but in reality he’s just a huge fricking dork.

that’s it that’s the writing in this game there it is

Oct 19 '14



this is a triumph of voice acting 

why does she sound like she’s thirty omfg

i could hear it in my head before i even clicked play

Oct 19 '14


twitter drawings from today!!

Oct 18 '14



Oct 18 '14


I couldnt help myself heh~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Oct 17 '14


I went back to my hometown for Canadian Thanksgiving and my mother decided we should walk around and take pictures. She took so many, but I had to select only 6.

Oct 16 '14

Yeah just drop me off right here this is good


Yeah just drop me off right here this is good

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Oct 16 '14


White people unironically discuss the white experience in new PBS documentary

This week, PBS and documentary filmmaker Whitney Dow launched the first installment of the “Whiteness Project,” a thorough and well-intentioned interview series that aims to make white Americans open up about their racial identities. 

The reaction was not kind | Follow micdotcom 

Oct 16 '14


Elisabeth,Flower Troupe